Sohail Siddiqui


My name is Sohail Siddiqui, I am a graduate mechanical engineer with post graduate degree in Engineering and Management. I have nearly 4 years of industrial experience with consultants and contractor in the UK water and wastewater industry. During my professional life I worked on several water and wastewater treatment projects which includes refurbishment of primary sedimentation tank, pumping stations, CSO’s and UID's.


I believe that work life balance is necessary for health and happiness in life. I always plan my daily routine in order to get this balance. I am a fun loving person and like hanging with friends and watching movies. I love to play and watch cricket. I am interested in History and Socioeconomics and I like to read magazines and articles covering these topics.


Mechanical Engineering has always been my passion and Corrosion and Tribology are the areas of my personal interest. It was my dreams to do research and get higher education in this field. I am happy to join Centre of Doctoral Training in Integrated Tribology which given me an opportunity to turn my dream to reality.