TriboUK 2018

The iT-CDT is proud to host the 15th TriboUK conference on 12th and 13th April 2018 in collaboration with the Leonardo Centre at the University of Sheffield.

TriboUK is a conference that aims to bring together PhD students in the field of Tribology. It is an opportunity for young researchers to share their work with their peers and build networks across academia and industry.

The theme for the conference will be “The Impact of Tribology in the Modern World”.

The Conference will include oral and poster presentations from students as well as from keynote speakers. It will also include the opportunity for social interaction between PhD students with a drinks reception and a conference dinner.

We invite all people performing research in the field of tribology to submit abstracts.

TriboUK is organised by and run for PhD students in the field of Tribology. The conference location moves around UK universities which have a high output of tribological research.

The event is intended to:

  • Provide an ideal platform for PhD students to practice participating in conferences, developing networking and presentation skills, before attending more prestigious conferences that may be more critical to the student’s work.

  • Give students an appreciation of the current state of and trends in PhD level tribology research as a whole in institutions across the country.

  • Give students an appreciation of professional level tribology research in academia and industry via presentations from leading experts in the field, which also serve as examples of quality presentation skills.

  • Give students an opportunity to network, with the aim of exchanging difficulties and advice and forming collaborations etc.

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