Welcome iT-CDT Students 2017

After another busy summer for the Centre this year, the iT-CDT is very happy to officially welcome our new first year PhD students. Cohort 4 joined us at the end of September and have been settling into PhD life and getting to know the team. With the introduction of the new Cohort, iT-CDT now has an impressive 55 students including all our new aligned students - working in the are of Tribology.

Induction week this year included a number of team building events with the other iT-CDT students, which gave the first year students an important insight into completing your PhD and the different career opportunities available. A session on being a researcher provided by Dr Farnaz Motamen Salehi and Dr Pourya Parsaeian (who have both recently been awarded their doctorates), gave an essential guide to surviving your PhD.

This was followed with an important reflection and feedback session where we brought all four cohorts together with Centre Directors, Prof Rob Dwyer-Joyce and Prof Anne Neville, focussing on training and development, the students time in the Centre, what has or hasn't worked and what we want to look like as Centre moving forward.

We completed the week with the first ever iT-CDT Sports day! 6 teams competing for the coverted iT-CDT Sports Day trophy, things did get competitive, very hilarious and possibly culminated in a broken Centre Manager who learnt she is far too old to be throwing herself over inflatable assault courses - regardless of minor injuries, fun was had by all and congratulations to the winners - David, Leon, Rosie, Ben, Jack & Mr iT-CDT Centre Manager (last minute substitute) for your triumphant win - these will be the guys to beat next year!

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