Winter Tribology Fair: Friday 22nd January

The University of Leeds Mechanical Engineering Department - will be hosting a winter Tribology Fair this week, encouraging early stage researchers to present posters of their work to other Tribology students from across UK Universities. iT-CDT Director, Prof Rob Dwyer-Joyce will be undertaking a guest lecture.


3:30 pm – Early Stage Researcher Poster Session

Celebrate your research by presenting your project during the poster session.

Meet your peers from other UK Universities and share your latest results. (Refreshments will be provided. Registration opens at 3:00 pm)

4:30 pm – Guest lecture by Professor Rob Dwyer-Joyce "Tribology - you got an ‘ology”

'Tribology sounds like a mysterious science. And a tribologist sounds like they might be some kind of tweed jacketed backroom specialist. This is not true. I think it is probably one of the broadest and most useful areas you can study. You use lots of basic engineering, which you can apply in lots of exciting areas. In this talk I will try to do two things; firstly show you that Tribology, despite its name, is not an 'ology; and secondly that it is a great springboard to a career in industry or as a lecturer.'

(Followed by the discussion and the Best Poster Prize presentation)

This is a free event organised by the Tribology Group of the Institute of Physics.

For more Inofrmation please contact Mrs Fiona Slade at


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