Roseanne Lawton

From a young age, I have always had a passion for science leading to my enrolment in university and completing my Master’s in Chemistry. After graduating, I secured a position with company developing and supplying novel water and oil based hydraulic fluids and lubricants to the offshore oil and gas industry. During the two years I worked at this company, I became more interested in tribology and found myself wanting to learn more about the subject.


Tribology in industry can be applied to many different fields and increasing our understanding  could lead to extended working life of a wide range of equipment and, thus, could lead to various economic and environmental benefits.


When I found out about the iT-CDT, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge and give me the skills needed to further my future career. Being from a chemical background with limited knowledge of mechanical engineering, I found the part taught aspects of the course appealing especially working alongside academic staff that are highly renowned, as well as the opportunity to collaborate as part of a group was highly influential in my decision to apply for the programme. Furthermore, I found having the opportunity to work directly with industrial partners highly motivating as I intend for a future career in industry.