Tribology and tribochemistry of novel organic friction modifiers for application in automotive engines.

Determining the Suitability of EDTA for removing ZDDP + Friction Modifier Tribofilms, using an Atomic Force Microscope.

Investigating how gasoline as a contaminant affects the tribology of lubricants within valve train system.


Multi-Scale Modelling of Tribological Systems. 

Formation and removal of Film on Industrial Non-Ferrous Surfaces In Severe Boundary Lubrication Regime in presence of Lubricant-Additive Formulations.

Development of a Novel Ultrasonic Multiple ReflectionTechnique. 

Characterising the use of acoustic emission as a sensing technique in tribochemical context  

Understanding Application and Mechanisms of Lubricants and Friction Modifiers in the Wheel/Rail Interface.

Investigating fundamental processes in erosive wear by water droplets.



Low Friction Dry Contact for Turbine Blade Root.