Rachel Bingley

I studied Maths and Science to A-Level and decided I wanted to complete a degree in them. I finally decided to study Medical Engineering and succeeded in applying to the University of Leeds. I really enjoyed my undergraduate degree and all the opportunities I was offered. I experienced unusual practicals, including tissue dissections, and I learnt a lot of background engineering.


At the end of my second year I completed an internship in the institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (iMBE), which lead to my individual project. I then got to work in a team to design a surgical simulator, this renued my interest in fundamental engineering. When the opportunity arose to complete a PhD, still at Leeds, I jumped at the chance. I didn’t know much about tribology when I applied, but the subject is so broad that I’m really excited about getting further into it.


The CDT gives me the freedom to learn more about the discipline as well as to specialise, hopefully in tribochemistry. It also gives me the flexibility to complete additional training, which hopefully will greatly increase my chance of getting a research position when I’m finished.