Olivia Manfredi


Throughout primary and secondary education both maths and biology were my strongest subjects. I then began the Biomaterial Science and Tissue Engineering degree within the Materials Science Department at Sheffield University. My degree encompassed materials engineering principles then allowed me to apply these to biological problems, while providing me with a good background of both materials and biological challenges. My time as an undergraduate allowed me to try a range of activities and join an array of societies where I found that I enjoyed working within committee’s on various projects.


Alongside my MEng degree I completed a work placement at Ardagh Glass where I accomplished production control tests on batches of glass; I also undertook an EPSRC Summer research studentship within The Kroto Research Institute working on Tissue Engineered nerve. While I enjoyed the professional nature within a commercial company, I found the research environment interesting and always developing. Therefore in my final year I began to look for programmes which contained both an element of industrial involvement and research. The Integrated Tribology Centre for Doctoral Training at the Universities of Sheffield and Leeds offers exactly this.


The programme offers the opportunity to work with leading academics and industrialists on the problems that face industry today while encouraging professional development. Tribology is an excellent area of research to be involved with as the science of interacting surfaces in relative motion can be applied to a vast number of different sectors; resultantly, I believe, allowing the transition of knowledge to travel further than that of a restricted research area.