Emanuele Repetto

David McCausland

"What attracted me most to the iT-CDT was the emphasis on preparing the students to work in industry after the PhD was completed, as well as the group aspect".

Heather McLaren

"The iT-CDT was an obvious choice for me due to it's extensive links to industry and cross site set up. Working directly with a company or companies will hopefully allow me to see a direct impact of my work on peoples everyday lives".




"When I found out about the iT-CDT, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge and give me the skills needed to further my future career".

William Pulfrey

"The iT-CDT works closely with industry providing solutions to very real and current problems. For me, the iT-CDT enables me to further develop theoretical and technical skills while applying them to current academic and industrial problems".

Sufia Fatima

"Through my undergraduate degree in Medical Engineering I have been able learn and apply engineering techniques to/for the human body."

David Brown

"When I looked into the CDT I found that the cohort structure would give me the freedom to work but also the company of like-minded people".

Sam McMaster

"When I learnt about tribology, I decided engineering was my chosen field, I am continuing to pursue an interest I developed at a young age". 

Mattia Lai

Abby Gaya

"I believe the CDT has been the right choice for me, and I look forward to conducting key research in the area before embarking on a career in the field".

"I strongly recommend the iT - CDT program to those who like doing research at high levels working close to industrial partners".

Sushil Simkhada

"I decided to join the iT-CDT group in Sheffield to develop and increase my knowledge in Tribology and materials, since my ambition for the future is to work in the Oil&Gas and Power industry". 

Start date-February 2016