"I’m hoping to increase my knowledge within the field to be able to help better the understanding of Tribology in various industries."



"The programme offers the opportunity to work with leading academics and industrialists on the problems that face industry today while encouraging professional development."

Marcello Cadeddu

Rachel Bingley

"The CDT gives me the freedom to learn more about the discipline as well as to specialise, hopefully in tribochemistry."

Sohail Siddiqui

"I am happy to join the Centre of Doctoral Training in Integrated Tribology which has given me the opportunity to turn my dreams into reality.

Nadia Salman

"The iT-CDT is a complete environment solely focusing on training, teaching, directing and motivating you to become a fully independent and reliable researcher, to be able to solve problems and face challenges."

James Makin

Alan Martin

"It’s partly the great variety of applications and partly the creativeness required to solve such unusual challenges which influenced me to be a researcher at the iT-CDT."

Leon Wechie

"I am keen on placing a firm foot in a field that breathes excitement and innovation. During my PhD I plan to fully utilise the Universities many resources, which will aid me in setting up an engineering business in the future."

Matt Harmon

"The iT-CDT has applications in all types of industry which means any research carried out can potentially be applied across industries."

"The iT-CDT is an excellent opportunity for me to learn more about tribology and the areas/industries in which it affects."