Matt Harmon


For my undergraduate degree I completed a master’s course in mechanical engineering at the University of Sheffield. I chose this degree as I was always good at the sciences and maths at school which naturally lends itself to engineering and mechanical engineering in particular appealed to me as it influences every part of every form of life, consequently is such a varied and interesting subject.


Although I had never considered doing a PhD before starting university, I found that the opportunity to research a novel topic to be too much of an allure to turn down. Additionally the field of Tribology, and this CDT in particular has applications in all types of industry which means any research carried out can potentially be applied across industries.


Being part of the CDT means that not only do I get to continue my studies further at a university that I knew well from my time as an undergraduate, but I also get the benefit of meeting people from a different university and access to their equipment/knowledge as well. This balance of working somewhere I knew and having the opportunity to work with a new university is why I applied to the CDT.