Mahdiyar Nejadhamzeeigilani 


My name is Mahdiyar Nejadhamzeeigilani, or Mahdiyar N.H.Gilani for short, and I am originally from Iran. I have recently graduated with a MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Leeds and have just started the iT-CDT programme. My 3rd year project in my undergraduate studies was revolved around reverse engineering and CFD to optimise the aerodynamics of a car body.


My 4th year project was producing a flow cell to be able to replicate an oil pipe and to analyse the corrosion and film formation of steel samples within the flow cell using x-ray diffraction. I have gained basic knowledge of Tribology in my 4th year by taking the Introduction to Tribology and Surface Engineering modules and I’m hoping to increase my knowledge within the field to be able to help better the understanding of Tribology in various industries. I am hoping to work towards the oil and gas or energy sector as this is a field which Tribology would support in various parts of the world.