Project description:Fretting Corrosion in Modular Hip Joints-Critiquing Standard Practice ASTM F1875.


The aim of the project is to investigate the interaction of joint fluid on fretting, corrosion and wear in the femoral stem and femoral head interface of a modular hip joint.


Objectives of the study are:

  • Compare and contrast the two test methods detailed in ASTM F1875 by critiquing the standard and conducting both experimental methods.

  • To design a tribological test and manufacture relevant apparatus to compare the two test methods.

  • Determine contact mechanics parameters by means of a FEA.

  • Compare lubricant formulations, as two are suggested in ASTM F1875 along with a third in ISO 14242, to determine a standard lubricant for use in bio-fretting tests.

  • Determine the most applicable surface imaging technique, as ASTM F1875 recommends the use of both SEM and optical microscopy to characterise the surface.

  • Calculate the “total amount of metal release” ASTM F1875 stipulates by: the measurement of corrosion and wear debris due to corrosion via ICP-MS, the measurement of physical wear via CMM, and the measurement of tribocorrosion via mass loss compared with ICP.

  • Compare experimental damage to explanted components to determine the most applicable lubricant formulation, test method and analysis methods. 





Project Reports:

Team Report Jan 2016

Group Poster Jan 2016

 Figure 1 –Experimental set up