" After gaining some experience, I decided to return to the UK to get a PhD closer to my background, chemistry, while still retaining some aspects of engineering and then transition to industry ". 



" During my undergraduate MChem at the University of York I developed a strong interest in the technological applications of organic chemistry ". 




" As an undergrad student at the University of Leeds I learnt a lot about the importance of tribology and the vast amounts of work being undertaken at the University of Leeds to resolve tribological problem ".

Rachel Morecroft

" Being part of the iT-CDT gives me the opportunity to be integrated in a supportive research environment whilst working towards my PhD in bio-tribology ".



"During my final undergraduate year, I attended a guest lecturer talk and presentation on Tribology and I was very intrigued and fascinated by the scope and significance of Tribology both in industry and day-to-day life, something which is largely overlooked at in both sectors ".



" During my final year project in wind and thermal comfort around stadiums I found the research environment interesting. Therefore, in my final year I began to look for course that would allow me to continue at a research level ".

" The iT-CDT is a fantastic opportunity to study a highly applicable area of engineering alongside true experts in the field ".





" I have always had an interest academic projects, and after completing two major ones during my degrees:  “Designing, Analysing and Building a Table Top Thermoacoustic Refrigerator” and “Engineers without Borders”, I knew that this was the route I wanted to follow ".

" I chose to join the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Integrated Tribology because there is a large emphasis on preparing students to work in industry after completion of the PhD ". 



" I chose the subject because tribology has such a wide variety of applications and areas ". 

William Skipper

" I had never heard the term Tribology before! After looking into the subject area and the CDT I realised what an exciting & wide ranging field of research Tribology was, as well as how multi-disciplinary the group at Leeds is ". 





" The iT-CDT gives me the opportunity to work with industry in a research based setting in an area which really appeals to my interests ".

" Having completed a research internship at the University of Leeds prior to graduation, I knew that I wanted to go into further research after my degree. When I first heard about the iT – CDT I thought that this was a fantastic opportunity  for me to further explore a fascinating and diverse area whilst developing skills that would prepare me for my future career ".