Tomos Brenchley 

Before joining the Tribology CDT, I completed my undergraduate and master’s degrees at Sheffield Hallam University in Mechanical Engineering. I have always had an interest academic projects, and after completing two major ones during my degrees:  “Designing, Analysing and Building a Table Top Thermoacoustic Refrigerator” and “Engineers without Borders”, I knew that this was the route I wanted to follow. Having finished my master's, I began to look for opportunities in both industry and academia, which is when I became aware of the CDT programme.


The CDT was different to all other options I had come across as it presented a middle ground between academia and industry. This opportunity was exactly what I was looking for as it allowed me to continue research whilst collaborating with businesses. I chose to specialise in Tribology because of the diverse project opportunities and the varied skill sets required to solve problems.