Aaron Barnes


During my undergraduate MChem at the University of York I developed a strong interest in the technological applications of organic chemistry. The power of chemistry to bring about improved performance, without visibly changing a system, is a major draw to the subject. Oils and coatings are complex tribological systems with great scope for chemical functionalisation and formulation changes, it was the desire to improve these systems that brought me to the CDT.


The structure of the CDT programme was an attractive feature of the course for me. The chance to have a year of in-depth tribology training before embarking on the PhD section of the course allows for a deeper understanding of the subject matter and smooths the transition to a new subject, allowing for a stronger start to the three year PhD. Working with people from other academic backgrounds allows for a more well-rounded and thorough understanding of the science that is being pursued. The extensive industry links and opportunity to pursue one-to-one, industrially sponsored projects provides a strong foundation for future work within the subject area, either as an industrial researcher or academic. 


Outside of the CDT you'll find me putting friction to good use, slip, slop and sliding across the swing dancefloors of Northern England, tinkering with my recurve bow Susan or using language learning as an excuse to devour copious quantities of kimchi.