Pravin Smart

I studied an integrated masters in medical engineering at the University of Leeds. My degree provided me with the fundamental knowledge to solve engineering problems associated with the human body.

In my 3rd year project focussed on rapid prototyping techniques for the production of a spinal disc replacement in the cervical spine. This project partially introduced me to the subject of tribology, sparking an initial interest which lead me to choose a biotribology module in my final year. The module was thoroughly enjoyable, opening my mind to the human body as a tribological environment and the design considerations of a tribological interface which are imperative for functional use.

Having completed a research internship at the University of Leeds prior to graduation, I knew that I wanted to go into further research after my degree. When I first heard about the iT – CDT I thought that this was a fantastic opportunity  for me to further explore a fascinating and diverse area whilst developing skills that would prepare me for my future career.