Thomas Cracknell 


I have recently graduated with a MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield and have just started the iT-CDT programme. During my final year project in wind and thermal comfort around stadiums I found the research environment interesting. Therefore, in my final year I began to look for course that would allow me to continue at a research level. I spoke to my tutor who happened to be part of the tribology group here at Sheffield and he suggested I considered the iT-CDT.


I went and spoke with two of the students already embarked on the course and they showed me what a great opportunity being part of this interdisciplinary group was. The programme offers the opportunity to work with leading academics and industrialists on the problems that face industry today whilst allowing you to continually develop your skills as part of the professional development programme. Being part of the CDT means I get the benefit of meeting people from a different university and access to their equipment/knowledge as well. This balance of working in Sheffield and Leeds is why I applied to the CDT.