PROJECT DETAILS:Understanding the Interaction between Bike Tyres and Tram Track.


Aims and Objectives: Every year a high number of cyclists across the world have accidents while trying to negotiate tram tracks. This has resulted in severe injuries and high compensation bills (there has been at least £1m case in Sheffield alone). To help reduce the number of incidents, Amey have been tasked with finding a solution to the problem for possible implementation in Sheffield.


The aim of this project is to develop understanding of how bike tyres interact with tram tracks and to search for possible solutions to the problem.


The objectives are: 

  • Design and carry out experiments to understand bike tyre/tram track interaction in a range of conditions (a number of possible test platforms exist that can be used and access to Supertram track can be arranged).

  • Brainstorm possible solutions for solving the problem.

  • Carry out tests to assess how these may improve the situation.

Project Updates:

Team Report Jan 2016