Abby Gaya

I chose to join the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Integrated Tribology as I believe it provides the best structure and access to resources required to become a fully fledged researcher while gaining knowledge in the exciting, and constantly evolving, field of tribology.


Having completed work in industry, the opportunity to be in involved with a CDT that is closely linked with various industrial partners was a big draw for me. This, coupled with the ready access to leading researchers across two strong research universities in which the CDT is based will allow me to conduct work that addresses areas in tribology which are relevant in both industry and academia.  

The focus of the CDT on providing us with a sound grounding in tribology through master-classes delivered by experts in the field, in addition to access to training and various resources across two leading universities and the mutual support provided by the cohort style of the CDT, also appealed to me.


I believe the CDT has been the right choice for me, and I look forward to conducting key research in the area before embarking on a career in the field.